MSI GTX 980 2nd fan not detected


First of all I would like to congratulate you on the product that you are making. The data it reports is everything a monitoring system would have to offer and even more :)

What I'm experiencing is the fact that it shows only the fan RPM and % for the first fan of my MSI 980 GTX GPU, which can control each fan individually. To clarify, no other monitoring software, besides the MSI Fan Control utility can report the 2nd fan's speed, but since this is the only full monitoring system that I have found, I guessed it was worth to ask if it can somehow be included in the sensor data.

Per your request, I'm attaching the debug and report files if they would be of any help to you.

P.S. The debug file is in a zip, as it exceeded the 1mb upload file size.


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Thanks for the data, it shows me there is an additional sensor on the GPU that can provide additional temperatures and one fan speed (which could be what you're looking for).
I'll add support of this sensor in the next Beta (in a few days).
With the new v5.03-2595 Beta you should see a new GPU sensor.
Please try and let me know if/how it works.
I tried the beta version, but it doesn't seem to detect the 2nd fan. I've attached a report, debug file and a screenshot of the sensors if it helps.


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Thank you :)

Now it shows 3 more temperatures and a nameless fan's RPM. I guess if it doesn't provide fan speed % like the first fan, I can take samples from the MSI Fan Control utility percentage and match them to the RPM, to get a formula to calculate the % (as it seems the two fans have different RPM to % ratio) :)
Thanks for the feedback. The sensor for this fan speed doesn't provide a percentage value.
I'm not sure about the RPM value reported, since it depends on used fan properties and this cannot be automatically determined. So in reality, the real RPM value might be correct, it might be 2 times more or less (but in multiples of 2).
It would be great if the MSI tool would provide RPM values, so you could compare with HWiNFO if it's showing proper speed.
After watching some benchmarking videos for the card and comparing the values to % in the monitoring system I came to the conclusion that the 1st fan's percentage is calculated with a 2300 max RPM in mind and the 2nd with a 2500 max RPM (1250) since the value reported by HWiNFO seems to be two times less than the actual fan speed (or it is really a 1250 RPM fan) - thanks for the tip :)
Since I think both fans should have similar capabilities, I think the value in HWiNFO is really 2 times less.
So I'll change it to report twice the value. Do you agree?
Yes, it seems that they should be indeed similar and the variance from the MSI Fan Utility is just minor.

On a side note after some time passes from the initial start of HWiNFO 2 more fan sensors appear for the GPU, both of which report abnormally high RPM (around 320,000 and 64,000) - this isn't an issue for me, as I can ignore them, but in case you want to take a look, I'll attach the required files once I am able to reproduce the problem, as now I can't seem to get it to show them in debug mode.
Those values are definitively invalid, most probably caused by an erratic readout.
I'll try to filter them out if you can give me exact numbers observed.
I managed to observe one of the 2 extra values - it reads 0 RPM as current, 0 as minimum and 675000 as maximum.

Using a shared memory viewer from a rainmeter skin I see that the real 2nd fan is at ID 0x3000000, while one of the faulty fans is 0x3000002, so I assume that the other one might be 0x3000001, though it still hasn't shown itself.
Thank you :)

Over night the second value showed itself as well and it is 0 current, 0 min, 22500 max RPM and is indeed at ID 0x3000001 (if it helps). Sorry for the hassle and thank you for the great support you offer :blush: