MSI laptops fan speed monitoring #2

After finding this post I installed the latest version (7.42-5030) and HWiNFO now shows both fans but the CPU fan is 0 rpm even though it is on and spinning. Any ideas to get it to show?



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Please attach the HWiNFO Debug File with sensor data and make sure the CPU fan is spinning when you create it.
Sorry, I am not sure how to create a debug file with sensor data. As for the CPU fan spinning, it is usually always spinning. I'll keep looking around and see If I can figure out how to get the file you wantfans.png
See here how to create the Debug File:
Sorry, but where it says "Continue with the scan process", does that just mean start the program? I don't see anywhere that says scan.
in any case, I located the DBG file as explained in the post you shared and attached. I hope that's it. It was 4.9MB and had to be compressed


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Thank you, that's what I needed. This will be fixed in the next (Beta) build.