Need help regarding HWInfo


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I wanted to know something about this program. My goal is related to gaming and its of certain hardware monitoring status while i'm gaming.

I have downloaded MSI Afterburner and it has on screen display server which lets me display GPU related numbers, like gpu temperature, its memory usage etc.

In addition i want to display CPU usage along with it. Which is possible if i run HWInfo along with MSI Afterburner.

Q1) I can view total usage as well but i'm unable to find any settings related to processor's\CPU's temperature in HWInfo. Which one is it exactly?

Q2) Secondly is it compulsory to run HWInfo in parallel with MSI Afterbuner for displaying CPU related info? Can't i use a single program that tells me about GPU & CPU both?

Q3) Lastly like fraps, can MSI Afterburner or HWInfo also benchmark the game?
Q1: This depends on your CPU type and mainboard. Most modern CPUs report their internal temperature, which is displayed by HWiNFO under particular CPU sensors. If you post a screenshot of the entire HWiNFO sensors window, or attach a report file including sensor information, I can have a look at that and tell you more precisely.

Q2: HWiNFO uses MSI AB/RTSS to display values on OSD only. So you don't need to have Afterburner running, just the OSD Server part.

Q3: HWiNFO can only read the FPS rate from FRAPS if it's running. RTSS OSD can on the other hand measure FPS directly and display on the OSD.
Thanks a lot Martin, for the quick and informative reply.

1) My Processor is [email protected]. I can see my temps all well in the HWInfo itself:

But unfortunately in "Configure sensors">"OSD (RTSS)", i can't find any CPU temperature related display, which i can enable.

Nevermind i figured it out. It's this setting:
(figure 2)
And result:

It works perfectly now. Thanks, you're the best mate.
As a suggestion though imo you should mention it as "temp" (in figure 2) in that settings so that it's more easily recognizable. Though ingame as a label though temp shouldn't be visible since degrees make it obvious and it would be superfluous.

2) Yes i noticed that in the MSI Afterburner there's a seperate exe for RTSS. So now i'm going to make a bat file to launch both these exes (RTSSS & HWInfo) together with single double click from my desktop.

3) Thanks again for clarifying. Fraps has an option for measuring avg fps = benchmark. I was hoping RTSS or MSI Afterburner also provided that.

HWinfo is a great tool mate. God bless you.