Need help understanding logs.


So, short story long, I play WoW and have massive issues in 2 boss rooms. Someone on the Blizzard forum pointed me towards HWinfo and I have made 3 logs this evening. 2 on the first boss (1 wipe) and one on the second to last where I have problems in the last like 40% of the fight (a shield is popped and I lose fps) The last boss I can't do at all, so I couldn't even go log in that room.

My hardware is:

i5-7600K CPU @ 3.80GHz
GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
16 DDR4 Ram
Windows 10 (DirectX 12)

I've run a stress test from both Furmark and 3D mark and been told the result shows no issues. I obviously have every single setting in game set to Low/off/disabled and I've run with no addons.

If there's a way for me to upload the logs here, would I be so lucky that a kind soul would help me figure out what is wrong, and how I can fix it ? I have the Generic Log Viewer that is posted on this site, but I don't understand what I'm looking for at all.

Best regards and with hope of some help.


PS: I've tried to upload the 3 files, but it says "The uploaded file does not have an allowed extension. " I don't even know how to fix that.
Hi Maria,

put the 3 log-files together in a zip-file, the zip-file you can upload here. I hope the 3 log-files have "useful filenames", which explain how they are created ...

Thank you, I will try. I'm not sure what you mean about the names, they were just named by the boss I logged so I could tell them apart.. They were made when I opened HWinfo, only chose sensor, and hit the page icon to log/stop log. None of this is my strong suit at all, I'll be the first to admit I have no idea what I'm doing, so I just try my way to find a solution.


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Bottom line is, my PC is strong, but in this new raid tier (unlike the many before it over 15 years of the game) I have a massive FPS drop. 1 boss (Ashvane that has 2 logs) I come to a complete stand still and nothing moves, after about 30 secs or so, I get to move around for about 20 seconds, followed by complete stand still again. The second boss (Za'qul has 1 log) Everything is fine till we hit phase 4 if the fight where he puts up an shield, and my pc freezes and drops to 2FPS. The last boss for which I have no logs, it's the same problem, but even worse. The fight is just under 8 minutes long, and it feels like I see the entire fight in a slideshow of 10 screenshots.

I know what I'm trying to explain might sound odd unless you're playing WoW or other raiding games yourself, but I'm afraid it's the best I can do to explain.
I have obviously tried all standard generic problem solving methods. Graphics set to low/off, no addons, latest drivers, speed test, etc.

I am at my wits end, and I don't know much about how computers work. I can however build one just fine. This setup is under a year old, and I've raided thousands of hours on it with no issues.

Again, thank you so much for taking a look at this, it is highly appreciated.

Hi Maria,

OK, I had a quick look at your logs ... and all your temperatures, loads (CPU & GPU), MHz or RPMs look fine !

But I have two questions:
  • at which speed is your RAM running ?
  • how powerful is your Power Supply (which model) ?

Regarding RAM:
your voltage is "a little bit low": 90% of the time it seems to be 1.84V, DDR4 has typically 1.2V (2133 MHz or 2400 MHz). RAM which runs at higher speed needs even more voltage (e.g. my 3200Mhz RAM needs 1.35V). Check in the BIOS what is the configured RAM voltage ... if it's set to 1.20V, change it to 1.22V (which ends then typically in 1.20V).

Regarding Power Supply:
  • in the screenshot above you can see (second row), that at 00:01:25 your "..Reliability Voltage" is gone (change from 1 -> 0)
  • same thing: something is running at "Performance Limit ..." (third row), corresponds to "..Reliability Voltage" is gone
  • interesting thing: why is at "GPU Core Load" maximum (60%) the GPU voltage at it's minimum (again ... corresponds to "Performance Limit ....") ???
So for me the question ist: does your Power Supply deliver enough power for your Graphics Card ???

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To start with, my power supply is a Corsair RM850, it's about 2 years old I'd say.
I'll take a picture of what you mention about the RAM. and check the bios.

Thank you !
Okay I've been in the Bios now and it's not a pretty place when you are afraid to mess something up.
I can't find anything about voltage setting in any other place than OC setting. When going in thre I see:
The first picture is of the settings available 20190729_180810.jpg. I then chose Voltage setting but all it gives me is this: 20190729_180838.jpg I then triedadvanced DRAMconfiguration and it gave me 20190729_180823.jpg
I am so sorry for being unable to figure this out. My motherboard is: MSI B250 Gaming Pro Carbon (MS 7A64)
Been looking around a little and it seems most people can't change the DRAM voltage on that board ?
Is there a way to direct more of the power to the GPU ?
Would i somewhat benefit from removing a ram block ?
OK, your Power Supply is fine !

Regarding RAM Voltage maybe you check on YouTube some MSI BIOS explanations ...
I found a screenshot which shows exact your values:


One more thing:
how is the cable between Power Supply and Graphics Card: good quality ?
I think it only uses one PCI-E 6Pin connector, but if the "cable has some ohms", the voltage will drop in case of more amperes are needed (= more power)

I Honestly don't know if the cable is good or not, it's a modular PSU and it is 6pin indeed, the one that came with the PSU.
I did see the voltage in my Bios, and it is, as you suspected, at 1.184, but regardless of looking on youtube for a while, I cannot find a way to change it.
Doesn't seem to be much I can do really. I can try and find another cable for he GPU ofc. Might have one somewhere that wasn't from the PSU.
Yeah, I think the original cable from the Power Supply should be fine. Maybe you try another one (from Power Supply), for sure there are several delivered with the Corsair RM850 ...

Next step: describe your problem in a MSI Forum, where you can find people with more experience with this motherboard or this problem ...
I will try and find a swap for that, and potentially contact MSI too, Thank you so very much for your help though. I may not have solved anything, but at least I know what's not wrong.

Thank you for quick support, truly appreciated the time you've taken to help me.
Best regards