Need help with my 9560 EC controls


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Hello everyone !

Im playing my last card regarding this issue with this post, as ive researched for months now without being able to solve it. Ive read people on this forum were able to put together a solution, but ive never been able to reproduce it. The most helpful post came from this forum with the beta were the ec control were implemented, but it seems im missing something.

I have a Dell XPS 9560. After 3 years of ownership ive never been able to find a solution for this issue and im desperate for one, as i would not be able to upgrade anytime soon this machine.

Regarding my fan issue, what im looking for is to be able to use the laptop without fan noise/Fanless. I somehow achieved this after years discovering undervolt benefits and since a few month i can use the device for the first time without noise, with help of Dell Power Manager (Sometimes, fan goes on, i just switch modes and they shut off) This situation only applies when the the laptop is running on battery.

Once i plug it to the charger or a dock, the fan goes automatically to 2500RPMs, independently of the system temps. Even if theyre at 30C, the fan wil go on.

The system is undervolted and temps on iddle are around 30 to 40 degrees, and when web browsing etc temps go up to 50 maximum. With no AC Plugged, i can use it fanless. Impossible with AC.
Ive been strugling for years now with this issue and managed to make the temps go as low as dell requires to not use the fans. But now... im just defeated with this ac thing... and would love a solution as its a nighmare to have to use headphones when using it on charge.

While using HWInfo, i can set the fan to manual but when i enter the 0 value, the fan stops and start again. Ive tried setting the override respin period to 20MS. The fan stopts but i hear a noise, like a tik, tik, tik. Probably the fan wanting to start. Ive tried checking and unchecking ec controls, as well as using the custom auto mode. Nothing seems to be able to override the dell ec and this one takes the lead. There is no way to disable it and let HW control my fans ?

If i can do anything more to explain better the situation for a solution... please dont hesitate. Thanks a lot and sorry for my english,

Edit. You can see on the image, when i try to put the fans at 0, they go to 0, go to max speed, and come back to 2500...


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You might try one of the "Use System Auto Control Method 1/2" if that will work. If not, then I'm afraid there's nothing else I can do.