negative temperature readings, nonsensical voltage readings - motherboard sensors toast?


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Hi all,

Everything looks normal shortly after the program opens, but after several hours (leaving it running overnight while the PC idles for example), I've started to get some very strange temperature readings - see pic 1 where highlighted in blue. I've included pic 2 that shows CPU readings - everything seems normal here.

I've made sure that the PC does not sleep or hibernate during idling, everything was reset to factory optimized defaults in the motherboard BIOS settings, (no overlocks, no XMP profile), the computer is otherwise 100% stable, it passes prime95 or any other stability test with no problem whatsoever, but these temperature and voltage readings seem to suggest that something is wrong.

I tied keeping an eye on the numbers as they change, hoping to catch them changing to a nonsensical result in real time - without success. The temperature and voltage readings for the PCH, CPU, Temperature 4, VRM and Temperature 6 all appear quite normal, mostly staying within ±3 degrees under the "Current" column.

Any comments or insights is much appreciated.


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This could be some temporary glitch in reading of sensor values. Are you perhaps running any other monitoring tool with HWiNFO? A conflict with other tool might be causing such erratic values.
Hi Martin, thank you for the speedy response :)

The only thing that I am aware of is MSI afterburner,

Perhaps there are other programs that would interfere as well? I can try monitoring the PC in safe mode with the bare minimum of programs running.
I don't think you'll able to use HWiNFO in Safe Mode, it might be preventing loading its driver.
I'd first start by making sure other programs are not running, just to prove if this could be the issue.