Negative VID?

Martin said:
That's most probably an invalid readout, I will filter out those values.

Hello again Martin.

Thanks for the reply. I've noticed another bit of peculiar behavior with HWiNFO that might also be an invalid readout.

Every so often I've noticed that RAM minimum and maximum values will go crazy and show incredibly high and incredibly low numbers.

I did extensive stress testing using 2 different motherboards and 2 sets of RAM (10+ passes in memtest and over 12000% coverage in Ram Test) to make sure the problem wasn't on my end, as I know sometimes unstable or faulty RAM as well as faulty motherboards can sometimes do weird things. So far I haven't noticed any instability that might be related to these weird numbers so I was thinking maybe it's an issue with HWiNFO not reading the values correctly. I am using the latest stable release of HWiNFO 5.84-3450.

Thanks again for all your hard work.
This is definitely an invalid readout as well, but I wasn't yet able to determine why it happens.
In the latest Beta version I added some sanity checks for those values, but I'm still hunting for the true reason...