[New motherboard] ASUS RAMPAGE V EXTREME LGA 2011-v3 Intel X99


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Just creating this thread for now. Have not seen any queries about this motherboard on the forums yet. Will be receiving this board today though and will have some information about it later, including debugs, reports, missing/inaccurate sensors, etc.
Thanks for the reports.
Running without Debug Mode will speed-up the scan significantly. Also you might disable that EC sensor, which should improve it (for the price of loosing some sensor values).
I meant that running WITHOUT debug still makes it scan the sensors slowly. Like it checks a TON of other sensors, MULTIPLE times. I'll upload a video because it just checks them too fast.

Also I know the EC sensor is slow. I usually disable it unless I need to confirm something like cache voltage (I wonder why its slow to check its sensors anyways)

edit: Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGo3DgX-pZ0
I'm afraid, there's not much to do to speed this up...
But I have noticed that some of your memory modules feature a yet unsupported thermal sensor. I'll add support for that in the next build.