New nVidia Drivers, new HQInfo beta = new IDs


I installed the 320.x drivers yesterday and the latest beta this morning. I then noticed that my Rainmeter skin was not showing any values for temps, frequency etc. I di not notice yester - but then again, I am pretty sure I didn't look!

Using HWInfo Shared Memory to check (as all my other meters were fine I discovered that the IDs had all changed.

Previously these were all 900xxxx for GPU1 and 1100xxxx for GPU2, now they are:

GPU1 UsageID=8007000
GPU1 Clock=8006001
GPU1 Core Load=8007000
GPU1 Temperature (HW)=8001003

GPU2 UsageID=10007000
GPU2 Clock=10006001
GPU2 Core Load=10007000
GPU2 Temperature (HW)=10001003

Is it the graphics drivers, HWInfo or something else? I have fixed it easily enough, but not sure of the "why" or whether I need to be concerned.
I don't think this was caused by the new drivers, but the new HWiNFO Beta.
I'm currently performing several changes in the area of sensor monitoring, so this bug could be caused by that indeed. I need to check this...
Can you please try to load the latest stable HWiNFO version 4.18 if this values are back to the previous ones ?
4.18 shows the same values 800xxxx & 1000xxxx. Something has changed them and I have not put any new hardware in this PC for more than a year?

Can they be altered by BIOS settings? I enabled and disabled VT yesterday tinkering with Hyper-V. My BIOS is back to the same settings it has run since I built it so I don't think this would affect it but who knows.
Have you maybe disabled (hidden) a sensor in the list? You can check that via Configure too.
Martin said:
Have you maybe disabled (hidden) a sensor in the list? You can check that via Configure too.

No internet for a couple of days plus a fatal Windows 8 crash and I re-installed Win 7 as 8 sucks and after 6-months of using it I had had enough.:@

The death of Win 8 appears to be related to the change as I quite literally installed HWInfo & Rainmeter after AV and patching and it worked first time with the original values in place.