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I'm supporting an architecture student on a Windows 10 64 bit system with only one display, who is having issues with his architecture apps locking up or slowing way down under heavy utilization.

I want him to produce a log file of temperature and utilization of CPU, GPU, system RAM, video RAM and hard disk, to look at and email me. I want to be able to get the log file even if -- especially when -- his architecture apps lock up or bluescreen.

I would prefer a text report (not the long one, just the the above information, more less), but I can work with .CSV if necessary.

I want HWInfo64 running in the background while logging, not impinging on his limited screen real estate.

I'm new to HWInfo, not getting this to work at home before I teach him how to do this. Can someone please provide a walk-through on how to do this?

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I have the same question. Always I log all gaming sessions so I can see MAX, AVE, CURRENT - temps etc. Would like to log, say every 5 seconds onto text or graph for mainly Temperatures, but also vcore and watts, amps. Save to a file so not visible when playing in full screen.
Apologies if this can alread be done but I missed it.
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You can use the sensor logging feature to log into a CSV file and then import it into some application to create graphs from it.
Thank you Martin.

Edit" On another thread both you and Zach replied to my original dumb post explains my silliness, but doesn't excuse it. Please forget it.
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