Newbie question about logging to file in background


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I'm supporting an architecture student on a Windows 10 64 bit system with only one display, who is having issues with his architecture apps locking up or slowing way down under heavy utilization.

I want him to produce a log file of temperature and utilization of CPU, GPU, system RAM, video RAM and hard disk, to look at and email me. I want to be able to get the log file even if -- especially when -- his architecture apps lock up or bluescreen.

I would prefer a text report (not the long one, just the the above information, more less), but I can work with .CSV if necessary.

I want HWInfo64 running in the background while logging, not impinging on his limited screen real estate.

I'm new to HWInfo, not getting this to work at home before I teach him how to do this. Can someone please provide a walk-through on how to do this?

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