Newer versions with all-in-one EXE crash on XP


Versions 4.60 and 4.48 BSOD WinXP on program startup, before even showing the startup dialog. Version 3.96 works.
Perhaps this has to do with the newer versions using a single EXE that packs everything internally?
It seems strange ... and caught on XP machines, but if the equipment is all right these phenomena I have not seen. Modes of components you rated? Clock frequency, supply voltage within acceptable specifications? All hardware components are compatible with each other? As an example I can give you my system which are not compatible with each other modules of RAM, and this leads to failure. Well, replace the Corsair TW3X4G1333C9D to other, even more so that the glory of them as a priest defrocked. Just have to thoroughly search for a replacement since motherboard MSI P45D3 Platinum (MSI MS-7513) DDR3-1333 with only 8 bits/chip board understands or does not start. A modern modules there are 16 bits/chip and memory controller chip set's Intel P45 Express with them will not start ...
Victor: The computer is suspect, but it does run 3.96 just fine.

Martin: I'm not sure I can do that? As soon as I launch the v4 EXEs it's a BSOD. There's nothing to interact with before that.
You should get the initial welcome screen before the scan is launched and from there first go to "Settings".
If you don't get that screen then you probably disabled it. In that case, please edit the INI file and change "DebugMode=0" to "DebugMode=1", then run it.
I didn't disable the welcome screen, it's a fresh extract from the portable version ZIP. The BSOD is before the welcome screen.

I'll try setting it in the INI and see if it can act before the BSOD.
That is really strange, since before the welcome screen nothing is done by HWiNFO, so there's no reason that it could cause a BSOD.
But I should know more if I can see the Debug File.
I set DebugMode=1, and ran it. I reached the welcome window for the first time with a v4. So I thought the problem was solved for whatever reason and just closed it from that window to try DebugMode=0. It BSODed more or less when I closed the window. I tried running it again, still with DebugMode=1. This time it didn't reach the welcome window anymore, like before. There's no DBG file because it didn't reach the hardware scan part.

That computer is unstable in general, so I think I should concentrate first on making it stable before checking v4 again. Still, v3 runs consistently without BSODing.
That's really strange and I think the problem is somewhere else, not in HWiNFO. Maybe some antivirus ?
There's an old version of AVG installed. It's disabled, but there are still with some related processes running. I can kill them, besides one. I don't think it's the cause.
I tried running it with the same OS install but on different hardware. Still BSODs.
There are many users using HWiNFO32 on WinXP and no issues reported. I'm running it on a WinXP machine too and no problems.
If the crash happens even before the welcome dialog, then I think it must be somewhere else.