no ax1600i


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HWiNFO has been successfully monitoring my Corsair AX1600i PSU for several years.
Since today's update it no longer is doing so.


I rebooted the system with no joy.


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I see Error - Access Denied when HWiNFO tries to access the device. Are you perhaps running the CorsairLink software? It might be blocking it.
Link 4 is not running, only the driver.

hwinfo had generally been picking up the ax1600i, with an occasional quit/restart of hwinfo after system start due to the psu not having been found.

I rolled back to v7.10-4540 and it works OK with the ax1600i. debug file from 7.10 attached.


  • HWiNFO64.DBG.7z
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I don't understand this as there was no change here in the last HWiNFO version and by comparing both files the only difference is that HWiNFO is unable to access the device as if something else was blocking it.
Oh my, this is all my fault.

I did not read the message completely, and assumed it informed of not being able to interface with the AX1600i. But in fully reading the message, I see it informs that HWiNFO can read the device with some caveats. I do not remember seeing that message before, and jumped to a conclusion.

I am on v14 with no issue atm.