No longer able to monitor Corsair AIO sensors.


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I was running the HWinfo version before this latest patch, and I was able to monitor my Corsair h100i AIO cooler temperatures including Water temp, fan speeds, etc.

I decided to upgrade to the latest version of HWinfo and now I'm no longer able to monitor these sensors.

I've attempted to rectify this situation by:
-fully removing current version (including registry) and using the version I knew was able to monitor those sensors.
-fresh install of windows.

I also have a concurrent problem where I am only able to successfully run HWinfo with both Debug Mode and Debug Write Direct checked. Any other combination of these settings and I will get a BSOD with various fault codes.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I'm not sure if the problem is really due to updating HWiNFO. There seem to be many different Corsair devices present on your system and that might be causing some confusion in HWiNFO. If possible, try to detach the other Corsair devices from the system to see whether you'll get the cooler visible again in HWiNFO.

Regarding the BSOD problem, try to disable Drive Scan in HWiNFO to see if that solves it. If it does and you need disk information, you will need to either update the ASMedia SATA Controller driver (if there's a new version that would fix this), or replace it with the default Microsoft SATA driver.
Thank you for the quick reply. I swapped my Corsair Link cable to a different internal USB header, and now I'm able to monitor my AIO temps again.

In regards to the BSOD, I did as you suggested, and haven't experienced a BSOD.

I can't thank you enough!