No more fan speed readings after update to Windows 11


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After updating to windows 11 the fan speed is no longer being reported on 2 of my laptops (Hp Zbook Fury 15 g8 and HP Zbook 15 g6). On windows 10 fan speeds were reported for both fans of the laptops (they each have 2 fans). I tried enabling "Show all fans..." but it didn't help. I tried with HWiNFO64 version 7.14, 7.16 and beta 7.17 and none seem to work.

Is there another setting that I can try?

The following link is a screenshot of the fan speed being displayed in windows 10, from a review of the Zbook Fury 15 g8


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This is most likely because ACPI internals changed in Windows 11 and we haven't yet figured out how.


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Thank you for the answer! I had a feeling it had something to do with ACPI. Other monitoring software seem to have the same problem.