No SSD readings on the new operating system


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At the beginning I wanted to say that I have been using hwinfo for a long time and it is a piece of very

good software. :)

I recently made a fresh installation of the operating system (Win 8.1) and to my surprise the new system

is missing sensor readings that I had on the old system (Win 7) on exactly the same hardware.
Specifically, it's about reading temperature, life and total host writes / reads SSDs.
My current configuration is this:
ASRock 990FX Extreme3 motherboard
2 x SSD in RAID0 - installed Windows 8.1
1 x SSD - installed Windows 7
1 x HDD - data
When I start my computer, I choose which disk to boot from.
Reading from Windows 7:
- The temperature of one RAID0 drive is shown.
- Shows temperature, life and total host R / W of system disk.
- Readings of the HDD are shown.
Reading from Windows 8.1:
- Only HDD readings is shown.
- Only current load parameters (activity, read / write rate) can be read from SSDs (RAID and single)
On windows 7 I use the hwinfo version 5.44-3070.
On windows 8.1 I tried the same and the latest one - the effect is the same - no readings mentioned.

Is the lack of readings due to the operating system? Can anything be done about it?

I attach the report and .dbg files from both systems.

Kindly regards!


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The difference is in storage drivers used. It looks like those on Windows 8.1 don't support certain queries used to communicate with the drives.
If possible it might be worth trying to change/upgrade them.
Thanks for quick response.

I've spent some time searching other drivers with no success.
AMD doesn't release sata drivers for this motherboard since 2015. My drivers are newest Microsoft drivers (2016) and there is no possibility to find older (at least I didn't manage to find them).
It looks that I have to live without SSDs monitoring on new system. ;(

Anyway thanks for explanation! :)