Noob questions


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Have logged some info from the Battlefield 4 Beta using HWiNFO64 (nice program, btw) and have a few noobish questions. I've searched the forum and the internet but not been sure of what I've read.

1.I'm unsure of what the following terms mean:

GPU D3D Memory Dedicated [MB]
Actual RAM on the actual graphics card, that's being used by Direct3D ?

GPU D3D Memory Dynamic [MB]
Graphics card has used some system RAM or hard drive space on the SSD to run Direct3D?

2. The card (GTX 660) has 2GB of RAM. In the chart below it has 750MB - 1GB of free RAM, so why would it need to use memory from elsewhere?

Column 1. GPU D3D Memory Dedicated [MB]
Column 2. GPU D3D Memory Dynamic [MB]

BF4 Beta 64 player Graphics LOW Mesh Medium 1000 199
BF4 Beta 64 player Graphics LOW Mesh ULTRA 1053 203
BF4 Beta 64 player Graphics ULTRA Mesh ULTRA 1352 257

I'm assuming I've made some wrong... assumptions here. I've searched these forums and a quick google search but come up with nothing. Anyone got any ideas?
I'm afraid, I don't know the exact meaning of those two D3D values reported. They come from Direct3D interface and don't seem to be documented anywhere.
But for nVidia GPUs I'd suggest to concentrate on the "GPU Memory Allocated" and "GPU Memory Usage" items reported, which come straight from the GPU.