Not a bug but useful QOL request.


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I posted already about my AMD RAID 10 setup which is not quite on the mark in regards to accurately monitoring it (the RaidXpert2 program messes up reporting as without it, values are all present and correct):

So with that in mind I request that the Disk # be displayed on the sensor's tab because with my raid10 + 3 external drives, the enumeration is not consistant, meaning I have to check and correct my custom hard drive identifying names (plus the few temp sensors left after RaidXpert2). I'm documenting it to see if there is any pattern and therefore saved reg files I can click if a particular disk is seen as disk 0 ect. Currently I have to open disk management to do this. Its a quality of life improvement/feature request.

In fact it does get a little deeper in that if you have a monitoring program like IObit's performance monitor (which windows thinks is malware but I find smart defrag invaluable, and consequently installed performance monitor (part of Advanced System Care) too); then with the disk number (tied to the currect custom disk naming scheme or looking at the sensor tab) performance monitor's disk access via x program tab you can kept track of what is going where in the odd occation you have left a program to decide for you where you want your data.

In my case I had my gigapixelAI output defaulting to the C: drive which is still an external since upgrading to raid10. I am expecting a new generation gen 4 (7000MB/s) drive to become available soon and its co-inciding with a price drop (due to oversupply of NAND flash) in SSDs. So with my output being too much for the drive I think this is why I got a spontaneous system reset (either that or my RX vega 56 on default + AIO cooling made the crash happen). I think that is unlikely as I have GigapixelAI in batch mode as I type this.
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That disk # is not an universal identifier of the drive. It would be only some sort of position from the disk controller point of view and it could change if driver is upgraded or drives re-arranged.
So HWiNFO is displaying the drive serial number to uniquely reference each drive.
Also keep the following in mind: Disk drive numbers may not correspond to the SATA channel numbers when you install Windows on a computer that has multiple SATA or RAID disks. This can also change across system reboots. For several years I've had three disks in my system and sometimes, after a reboot, the system just "decides" to assign number #0 to a different disk. This behavior can be annoying or even a PITA when using certain programs or in certain situations, e.g. when in a WinPE environment. Annoys me every time.