Not seeing license file

Hello, I recently rebooted my PC and HWiNFO64 said that there was a new version available. I used the auto-update function and when it restarted it said my license had expired. I then purchased a new license and placed in in the HWiNFO64 directory (where my old license file was) and now it is still not recognizing that I have licensed the product. I can tell that because the shared memory support check box shows [12-HOUR TIME LIMIT]

Now I am thinking that my original license had not expired and that there is a problem with HWiNFO64 and I've just wasted money buying a license that I didn't need.
Please send me the e-mail or order number via a Private Message and I'll check it. Also make sure the new license file name is exactly "HWiNFO64_64.txt".