NVApi failure?


Sometimes when my PC boots, HWINFO does not launch and when I try to launch it manually, nothing happens.

At the same time, when I have this behavior, I have this bug from the software Fan Control ("NVApi could not initialize or has no sensors."). It seems related. Is it a problem from my Asus ROG STRIX B650E-F GAMING Wi-FI not initializing properly?


Thank you!

Edit: when I reboot, it solves it but it is weird, i'd like to understand please :)
Enable Debug Mode in HWiNFO and try to capture the failure in that mode. It should then produce a HWiNFO64.DBG file that I will need to see.
I will do that, thank you!

I also have some strange GPU driver crashes when gaming (black screen with GPU fan to 100% et sound still on) since I switched from Intel to AMD. Maybe it is linked. Who knows
Yes, quite likely. Try to completely uninstall and clean install the GPU drivers.
I've tried many many many things with this new board. I've of course made a fresh install after I set it up. I even tried to format again, install Steam only and play and it crashed as well. I think there is a problem with my motherboard because I never had any problem on my previous Intel system (from which I only kept the PSU and GPU).
That's weird because it happens maybe 1 boot every 20. If you have any idea on what log or tool I could use to dig deeper, I'm all ears!

Thanks again for your time!
So only happens sometimes, but that's impossible to tell why & how. There are hundreds or even thousands reasons possible! For example any drivers together, any software when booting, versions, settings, even hardware or already BIOS etc.

But maybe you can see in your own Administrative Events!
Good idea!

This is what I have at the time of the bug:

HWINFO is correctly linked to nvapi but there is not much more unfortunately.

Maybe it's just that, sometimes, the NVIDIA driver launches AFTER the Fan Control and HWINFO resulting in this bug. Weird is that event rebooting the driver (CTRL+WIN+SHIFT+B) does not restore the bug.
Try disabling the "Fan Control" and look whether you ever have that problem again!
And I myself never use or trust C# stuff anyway... :cool:
The problem is in GPU driver, this is also confirmed above - in calling NVIDIA nvapi64.dll.
You should report this to NVIDIA.