Nvidia card started to hang during gameplay


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A couple of days ago started having problems with my video card: MSI GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X.
It is 2-3 years old, and worked perfectly before.

The problem: while playing Crusader Kings 3 (I doubt the game matters) at a random moment some sound occurs, screen goes black and monitor shows "no signal".
Although the PC itself continues working (music from the game is playing etc).
Sometimes it happens almost right away from the moment of starting the game (20 sec +-), sometimes after 30 minutes (like in the log file I attached).

Sometimes video card works after reboot, sometimes after full power off (disconnecting the cable).

Integrated intel video card works fine with the game, so it is probably not a software problem.

I am attaching the CSV log file, the problem happens at the end, at around 32:30-32:40.
I tried reading the log file with Generic Log Viewer, but I am not sure where to look exactly (what sensors).

The main thing I want to understand is if the problem is in the card or not. And if not what might it be.
I have no problem getting a new video card (especially considering 30XX series is coming) but at least I wanna know that it is the culprit.

My PSU is: Seasonic ssp-650rt

Any help is greatly appreciated :)


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