nvidia sensors


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there are two sensor titles for nvidia.

what does this mean?

see picture


If it's the same as my systems, one set of sensors comes from querying the video card hardware directly and the 2nd set comes from querying the drivers.

Querying the hardware directly requires support for each model. Querying the drivers usually works but I don't think they're always accurate and for some models don't report anything at all.

I can't see the attached image for some reason so I could be completely off with this reply. :)
The different titles were correctly described by tiker - the NVAPI section belongs to values gathered via nVidia driver interface and the other directly from low-level registers.
I report both sets of information for comparison - each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages. For example NVAPI information is universal and guranteed by nVidia, but in some case it's not available.