nVME SSD temperatures not loading when starting on Win 10 startup


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Hi, I have encountered recurring issue that when hwinfo is starting with Windows 10 startup, it usually does not load the sensors on my nVME Samsung SSD 970 EVO, especially temperatures. If I then manually shut hwinfo down and run it again, it is shown.
I have configured hwinfo to gather logs as described in this section, but it stopped happening there, maybe the logging slows the start down enough to make it work:).

Also this started happening recently, from one of the updates in September or so. It happened to me already once before, but only when I upgraded once hwinfo with zip, not with installer.

Is there something more, I can do to provide more info for this issue? Or do some logs matter anyway, even when the issue does not occur?

Here is what I should see each time, not only when started with debugging or manually later:

PS: I am software tester, so I am willing to help with proper investigation of this issue, just need to know, what I can do. And I speak Czech as my primary language if needed:)
This might be because HWiNFO is started too soon, before some other required services are started.
Try to set a few seconds startup delay for HWiNFO in Windows Task Scheduler if that will help.
Thanks for pointing to the right direction. Not many apps use Task scheduler for startup, so it did not occur to me that it could be easily configured there.