NZXT Kraken X53 not showing up


Hi there,

I recenlty installed a Kraken X53 in to my system and I cannot see any information about it in HWinfo. I tried with/without NZXT CAM installed with no success. My Corsair H115i is showing up correctly always.
Are the new Kraken AIO's supported?

We do not have information about the X53 protocol, but let's assume it uses one similar to the X52 model. Could you please try this build:
and let me know if that works maybe? Note that later versions of CAN software might claim the device exclusively, so no other tool can access it, so it's recommended not to run CAM with HWiNFO.
Thank you. I can now see it in the Sensor Status but the values are completely off. If I have CAM open the fields are grayed out.
Anything else I could try?
Please attach the new Debug File with sensor data made using that build.
It would be also great if you could provide the actual values seen in CAM (you'll have to launch it separately).
I attached the new Debug file. The correct values taken from CAM were at the moment: Liquid Temp: 32C, Pump: 2189rpm.
I do not have fans attached to the AIO but rather to the motherboard directly so CAM doesn't report any fan speeds


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Thanks. Please try this build:
I'm quite sure about the pump speed, but not sure with the temperature. It would be great if you could verify at other temperature values if it reports correctly.
Attaching a fan would also be great. For any discrepancy I'd need a new DBG file with correct values.
I can verify that the pump speed is correct but the liquid temp remains at 32C and it is not changing.
I might try connecting the fans directly in to the AIO later today and let you know.


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What was the temperature when you made that dump? Could you create one at a value different than 32 C?
I'm afraid I can't do that. The value is always 32C no matter what. I tried putting some load into it and saw from CAM that the liquid temp was at 35C
Works like a charm now.
I am gonna get back to you as soon as I try connecting the fans in to the AIO.
Thanks a lot!
It turns out the new Kraken AIOs do not have a header for the rad fans. NZXT says in a guide to connect the rad fans to a Mobo header for power and control. Really weird that they removed that.