Odd HDD behavior


There is something strange happening while testing my new HDD (Toshiba DT01ACA200) while Hwinfo (5.92-3580) is running
this is the performance graph i'm getting with HDtune:

also i'm getting microstuttering while editing videos so for a moment i though my HDD was defective.

But then with HWinfo closed i got this graph:

I got also another HDD and that is working fine with or without HWinfo running.
Another test, this time with user benchmark:



So yea, for some reason it seems the HDD is performing bad while HWINFO is running.

Ok, apparently i solved the problem by disabling these 3 settings:
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Yes, it might be caused by monitoring of SMART status, though polling SMART should normally not cause such performance degradation or hiccups. If this is happening, it can be a problem of the storage drivers or drive firmware.
You might also try to disable ATA Statistics Support if that will resolve the issue without losing entire SMART status monitoring.
Nope, i have also to disable SMART support otherwise i will also get performance issues (not as much but still present)
but i can keep CSMI SAS Support apparently without problems.