On windows 95 original edition: Application cannot start wininet.dll missing

I will me testing the HWINFO which is a fantastic program by the way on old machines .. 386 and above.. since I have several dinosaurs Im resurrecting from the Jurassic park of computers.
So on a 486 @ 66mhz with windows 95 I get this error when I try to run it.

On windows 95 original edition: Application cannot start wininet.dll missing

I will look around to find that dll but I wanted to report this


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Thanks for your report. I think you might need to install IE4 on Windows 95 (or OSR2) to get this working. That will also enable some GUI extensions that might be useful for other applications.
I'm interested in any reports (Report File + Debug File) from such dinos, also if possible using the latest HWiNFO for DOS version. You will need to boot in pure DOS mode (with HIMEM.SYS) to get the DOS version running.
There's still an active development to improve support of retro systems, I have been adding support of an IBM VGA ISA adapter just recently :D
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Ok yes i found that wininet.dll its a part of internet explorer. Here is some extra info for those who might read this thread in the future.
The original release of windows 95 did not include internet exploerer at all, it was a part of the PLUS 95 pack.
But of course someone can download internet explorer 4.0 and add the extra "interface" update to windows 95 and the latest version of IE for 95 is 5.5.
So I will install 4.0 to get the interface update and then the latest version of internet explorer (5.5) for windows 95 and update this thread.

As for testing it in dos.. i tried to run the dos version from a dos prompt on windows 95 but it desnt like that. So I would need to test it somehow in normal dos mode.

Ill update this thread as I go. Thanks!