Online CSV Log Converter/Viewer


Upload csv files generated with the HWiNFO Sensor Panel

  • Up to 4 charts displayed. Temperature, RPM, MB, Percentage
  • Show/Hide Parameters. Hover charts to show each timestamps values
  • Change height and/or blow up charts to full width with horizontal scroll
  • Draggable popup tables that display low/hig values and there first occurence in the timeline
Demo (click 'Upload File' there for your own Log)
This is the direct Upload Link

I made myLog as a mate for the Online Report Converter/Viewer myRig.

  • For long recordings I'd choose higher intervals. The Demo - for example - is a 1 hour recording with an interval of 5 secs.
  • At the moment a max. of the first 1200 steps will be displayed. File itself will be kept intact, so it will still work when steps are scaled up, too
  • Compatibility: All current browswers, iOS Safari and Android 3+. IE 6/7/8 not supported (no SVG)
  • Tested with HWiNFO 4.48-2350 - 4.51-2410(beta)
  • If recording Fahrenheit the correct values are displayed, but units will still have 'C' in them because header top/bottom rows in csv do not change to 'F'. Even so... who the heck is using Fahrenheit?


Thank you, Martin!
I've noticed that there's a great deal of sensor data you track that could be displayed somehow. I just understand too little about hardware (electronics) to figure out what additional data would make sense being shown as well (inside online viewer).


You're welcome :)
Just had to remove buttons for pdf/png/svg export of charts (high server load, but I'm working on that). However, it's no problem printing by just cutting them in browser like images.


Reason for failing

Around 30% of the uploaded files will not generate any graph (just showing number of steps)

Reason: The CSV export must at least contain one of the following fields in first row (any selection or all of them):

  • [RPM]
  • [ºC] or [ºF]
  • [V]
  • [MB]
If other value(s) does make sense to be viewed within a timeline please let me know.


New Member
Hello Can I get Source code ? Because you can everytime just shut it down, and I dont found any alternatives (online viewer). Thank you


So you like the app, thank you!
I have no reason for shutting it down one day. Second there are some improvements I'd like to implement... if I find some time for doing so.
But before removing it I'll hand the app over to you :)