OSD RTSS setting store location


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I've tried searching online and on the forum but have not found this info.
I'm on windows 10, and I want to know where the software stores the settings for the OSD (RTSS) tab.
these are the settings that decide which info and in what order it is show in Riva Tuner Statistics Server when playing a game.

if I have to reinstall the operating system I don't what to have to set all that up again.

thank you for your time!
Those are stored in the registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HWiNFO64
You can easily backup all settings by clicking "Backup User Settings" in HWiNFO / Settings. Then after system reinstall just launch the saved .reg file and confirm the action.
Whats then under Backup User Settings?

edit: did i dig out sth from the grave? Sorry ;)
I think here is answer for my question:

Yes, that was before I implemented the Backup User Settings option which does essentially the save as saving the entire HWiNFO registry key.