OSD suggestion



I would like to see in a future release, an option to re-order the sensors display, the way they appear on the screen. They follow the order the sensors are shown at the Sensor Status screen.

Look at the sample below:

They are the CPU Usage and CPU Package sensors in the same line, respectively. I would like to swap their positions so being the CPU temp and then CPU usage.

That would be nice and would match the way MSI Afterburner puts their sensors next to each other, GPU temp and GPU usage.

If it's already implemented, and I missed it, please let me know.

Thanks in advance!
No, this feature has not yet been implemented. I'll put it into my todo list...
Version 4.04 implements this feature - for each value you can now choose the column number.
Column plus line position between sensors were implemented too. Great job! Thank you for fulfilling my request.