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Omen 15
Ryzen 5800H
3060 chipset
16gb ram

HWINFO64 portable exe

Possible bug experienced and I’m unsure why.
Game being played Guardians of the galaxy epic store edition
Upon alt tabbing and checking HWINFO the pc will eventually crash and restart. Now I have arrived at this conclusion after a few tests. I noted when I alt tabbed HWinfo would respond normally then eventually it would lock up. While other programmes including the game worked as normal. Then a random restart would occur.
I retested this and each time the same result. The portable app would lock up and the pc would restart?

I removed the programme and tested multiple other apps chrome, Xbox game app and even antivirus. No lock ups or crashing and the game resumed as expected.

Any ideas???
Does it also crash when HWiNFO is minimized in tray?
It only crashed upon opening the app from the tray and browsing the app. It’s being run under sensors only.
So no issues until the app is opened and used, well click on and the app will lock up.
Can’t replicate in other programmes?
Haven't heard about such issue yet. This to upgrade GPU drivers if possible.