PC hangs during shutdown and reboot after BIOS update


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First of all, here's my specs:
MB: MSI B350 Tomahawk (BIOS version 7A34v1C)
CPU: Ryzen R5 1600X (@stock)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB (@2667MHz)
GPU: MSI GTX 980Ti V1 (@stock)
PSU: Corsair GS700 (700W)
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64Bit (latest updates)
If you need any other information, just ask.

The problem:
After updating my MB BIOS a few weeks ago (previous BIOS was 7A34v18), I started experiencing issues during shutdown and reboot. If I tried to do either of these things after my PC has been turned on for a while, it would just hang after Windows shutting down with the power on and fans spinning. No signal was being sent to either the monitor or being received from my M+KB (although RGB lights did work). Regardless of trying to shutdown or reboot it would have for a little over 5mins before completing the desired action, and after shutting down (not reboot) it would boot back up again 2secs later.
I've tried to diagnose the issue and testing different RAM speeds, memtest, prime95, different SATA-ports, different boot settings in the BIOS, resetting the CMOS, reflashing the BIOS (can't flash back to older versions), nothing worked.
However, removing the driver and removing HWiNFO from autostart has finally fixed the issue. There seems to be some problem with the new BIOS and HWiNFO that's causing some weird glitch during shutdown.
I'm sadly not sure exactly what version of HWiNFO I was using, since before trying to disable it I'd just replaced the EXE with the newest beta version, however I think it was 2-3 beta versions back.
Martin said:
If you close HWiNFO before shutting down, does it solve the problem ?

Okay, sorry for taking a while to reply, wanted to make sure my results were repeatable.

So I enabled HWiNFO again (the newest version this time) to try and test what you requested. Also tried to install the driver again through the settings although it says it's already installed. What's really weird is that I'm not getting the shutdown/rebooting issue anymore.
I'm not sure if it's removing and reinstalling the driver or updating the program, but the issue has disappeared as far as I can tell.
Thanks for the feedback, let me know if the problem appears again and it's reproducible.