PC Power cutting out when HWINFO64 Launches


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Evening All,

I have just installed HWiNFO64 and as soon as it launches my pc suddenly cuts out and about 2 seconds later turns itself back on again. It does this every single time I launch it. Not quite sure why.

I have run it in Debug mode and it has produced a log however the forum refuses me to upload it because its too big (despite it only running for 2 seconds!). Here is a link to it on my google drive, hope that is ok: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tpz1dpA6ignx7TISCJ0v65FZD9P1QDiZ/view?usp=sharing

Alternatively, if there is information I can remove from the log which won't affect assisting me please let me know and I'll try that. It is literally thousands of lines long.

Thanks in advance!
Try to disable "SMBus Support" in main settings of HWiNFO if that will solve the problem.
Note that this isn't the final solution I'm looking for, just a proof where to look for the issue.