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Hi all,

Recently got this 2nd hand PC that was used as a daily driver by a well-known friend of mine, who knows his stuff and then some, so upkeep was optimal. Only change I did was toss a 1070ti in for the 980. However, it has crashed multiple times playing Smite 64bit (might be known issue), has crashed 64bit Smite rarely, and finally running Deep Rock Galactic last night, framerate took dips at 1080p all medium settings 60fps cap, and it is not a demanding game.

https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/40433397 - UserBenchmark for Specs

Here's a link to the logs .csv on Drive, file was too large to upload.

GPU Performance Limit - Reliability Voltage started of as YES, I think that part of the logs was running during a Smite game.

Around Row 1880, GPU Performance Limit - Utilization was at YES, I believe this is when DRG started, and stayed at YES for the remainder of the logs. Is this is what was causing the lagginess in FPS ? Or if its a CPU issue, I'm not sure how to read into the logs on that front. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, as we've been troubleshooting this for some time now!

Also FYI - Unigine GPU benchmark test ran smooth as silk

Edit: DRG Test Logs added, this one will be much smaller and neater.


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