PCH Temperature (read wrong, I think)


First I apologize for my English, is not my native language.After an hour of playing with HWiNFO64 open in background, I noticed that some temperature values are very high. I mean the PCH temperature which reached 130 °C and Temp 5 and 6 which reached 192 °C. I think if temperatures were real, my MB was burned/roasted. My case is well ventilated, with a very good aiflow, I have 2 fans in front (2X120 mm at 1800 RPM), 2 fans on top (2X120 at 1200 RPM), 1 rear fan (1X120 mm at 2000 RPM) in push-pull configuration with liquid cooler fan.Other temperatures are good (I think they are well displayed), including video card that was 48 degrees C. My short question: this is a bug or are actual temperatures?


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Yes, I believe the Temp5 and Temp6 values are invalid and should be ignored (most probably not connected sensors). Exact mapping of those sensors depends on mainboard. Which mainboard do you have ?
These are my system specs:

CPU: Intel® CoreTM i7-4790K, 4.0GHz, Haswell, 8MB, Socket 1150
MB: Gigabyte Z97X-GAMING 3, Socket 1150
Memory: Kingston HyperX FURY Red 16GB, DDR3, 1866MHz, CL10, 1.5V
SSD: Intel Solid State Drive (SSD) 520 Series, 120GB, SATA 3, 2.5''
Video Card: I ntel HD Graphics 4600 (Gigabyte) 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 (Gigabyte)
PSU: Sirtec EP-750S, 750W, ATX 2.3, PFC activ
Cooler CPU: Zalman Reserator 3 Max
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
I'm not sure about the PCH temperature. Can you please check with Gigabyte EasyTune tool if this value is in sync with HWiNFO ?
In idle temperatures are identical.
After 10 minutes of CPU stress test with AIDA64 the temperature is the same.Throughout the test the temperatures were the same on HWiNFO / 32/64 and Gigabyte EasyTune.
I'm sure the stress test loaded CPU and PCH more like game that I played (Assassin's Creed Rogue).
Thanks for the test. Then I guess the 130 °C measured should be captured by EasyTune as well. I don't think it was a valid value, most probably a short glitch in the sensor logic.