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Hi all,
Firing up HWInfo64 on my PC shows me a Chipset PCH TS1 sensor running between 64-71c, yet motherboard is showing about 34c.
I've tried a few other bits of software and only HWINFO is showing this sensor. Other software such as AIDA, HWMonitor, Speccy, ASUS AI Suite all don't show me the TS1 sensor. HWMonitor shows a whole lot of Auxiliry unnamed sensors (with varying temperatures 117, 127 etc... which are likely false values) but nothing that matches what HWInfo is showing me for the TS1.
I know what the PCH is, but I am just wondering if the temperature reading I'm getting is accurate. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Here's some screenshots. Some are taken at different times.


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That's a generic sensor value which is not guaranteed to be correct. ASUS doesn't officially show this, so it might be correct or not. Sorry, I don't have any further details on this particular value for that mainboard.