PCI Bus and Drive scan issue


I have noticed that when I run HWiNFO64 v5.02-2575 during the scanning of hardware, the PCI Bus scan and Drive Scan both take a longer than usual time.  The drives attached to my motherboard now shows SMART temperature and health values in the Sensor window, while HWiNFO64 v4.64-2530 didn't show any SMART values for those drives.  I have also noticed the program slows my system down, especially when trying to do anything related to reading or writing files to the attached hard drives.  At this time HWiNFO64 v4.64-2530 is the version I am using, since it doesn't cause any noticeable system issues.  I have attached the HWiNFO64 Report and Debug file along with a screenshot which shows the Summary and Sensor windows.


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Do you have Debug Mode disabled when running HWiNFO normally? That could be the cause of the slowdown. It's recommended to have Debug Mode disabled unless you want to provide the Debug File to me.
If this is not the case, you might try to selectively disable sensors to see which of them causes the slowdown when running sensors (is this maybe the drive sensor) ?
When I normally run HWiNFO I don't have Debug Mode selected.  I only selected it that time so I could provide the Report and Debug file, which is when I also noticed the unusually high hard drive activity.  I also forgot to mention in my initial post that the drive sizes are not being reported correctly.  I have attached a screenshot showing them both being listed as 137GB, the Samsung drive is 256GB and there are two in a Raid 0 array.  The second drive is a Western Digital 2TB.  I have also noticed that in closing the program and reopening it, it has caused windows 8.1 to BSOD with bad_pool_header error.


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It seems the invalid disk size is caused by storage drivers, which don't seem to properly report the Total 48-bit LBA address (it's 0).
Can you try to disable the disk sensors and see whether they are using the slowdown ?
It might also be useful to capture the BSOD in a DBG file, so I can analyze it.
Maybe upgrading the AMD chipset/storage drivers could resolve all issues you're experiencing.
I also wanted to mention that I also tried running the newest beta version HWiNFO64 5.03-2585 and encountered the same issue with the drives reporting the incorrect size.  From the research I have done, I have the most recent Raid driver version installed.  I also wanted to note that even when selecting Low-level IO Access for the IDE/(S)ATA Drive Scan setting, the same results are obtained.  The drive scan is really slow when running HWiNFO64 and reports incorrect drive size.  When disabling the Drive Scan in the settings window, HWiNFO64 runs without any delay and without crashing.
Since multiple drives are affected by this issue, it looks like a driver problem.
So I'm afraid, I don't have a better solution for this yet.