PCI Express Root Port missing for Aspire A515-51

Hi Martin,
Could you please solve the mystery for me, I could be able to find the Maximum Link width for PCIe Root Ports in my old F573 laptop (without installing M.2 SSD) but I couldn't find the same info in my Aspire A515-51, the first picture is from F573 and the second picture is for A515-51. Thanks.


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I can see PCI Express Root Ports #5 and #6 on the second picture.
Presence and layout of root ports depends on particular system design. Also if a particular root port is not used (no devices attached) then it's usually disabled by system (hidden) in order to preserve power.
Thanks Martin, this program used to be very helpful in deciding NVMe support for laptops but I suppose Acer might have changed their design, anyway, still this program is much loved by many, Thanks.
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Martin pid='16962' dateline='1517393611']You're welcome, I'm glad to hear that you and others like it.

Hi Martin,
This is just an update, yes it's showing up after installing the M.2 SSD, Thanks  :)


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