Per core temps from SMU on Zen 3


Hi Folks,
Per core temperature monitoring is available via SMU power table, as well as FIT voltage, and lots of other telemetry, like SOC temp, peak temp, etc. Are there any plans to add this information to HWiNFO? I think it could be very useful.
I found per core temps at between index xxx and xxx for my 2 CCX Zen 3 proc.
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Most of this information is not meant for public, AMD would be annoyed by such disclosure.
I could add per-core temps and dozens of other temps across the die, but what would be the real use of it. Information overload and confusion.
Honestly though, if the info is accessible and helpful for things like figuring out if you mounted your cooler improperly or other uses, why not? AMD should lock out this info if they don’t want it viewed.

Besides, once we have the chips themselves, they are legally our property. If our property is telling us information, that info is also our property (within legal limits ofc). Especially when it’s potentially crucial to the functioning of our chips. Or at the very least, something we want to know about something we dropped a lot of money on. AMD can lock it out in a future AGESA if they think it shouldn’t be available to the end user.

Just add a nice collapsible menu under each CCD’s temp. If people don’t want to look at it, they can just collapse it. Please let the users decide.

Great programme btw! I love using and I really appreciate all the tooltips y’all have added! And ofc the collapsible categories.
I agree with you in most points and personally I'd love to show at least per-core temperatures to all users.
But this is a topic where I can't talk about further details and have to be careful. Let me check with AMD first about their opinion.
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Any update on this?

I get that you have to be mindful of any privileged information protected by an NDA or whatever but I don't see why AMD would consider per core temps, FIT voltage and other telemetry to be "secret" or restricted from reporting. Is there something about this data that makes AMD feel the need to restrict access to it by the end user?
Per-core temperatures decision wasn't made yet by AMD, I'm still waiting for that.
I don't think I'm allowed to comment on the other points, but there's certainly nothing shady behind that. There are zillions of parameters that CPUs can monitor (including Intel or anyone else), but vendors don't think they should be made available to public. Most such parameters are useful for debugging purposes only, not for end users. Some might be trade secrets. Many others without clear understanding of deep technical processes might result in confusion and misunderstanding. Even your car or fridge vendor doesn't give you a full telemetry.
Hey martin, I saw the requested feature pop up in 7.06. Guess that means AMD got back to ya? Great work.