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[size=small]I would just like to ask whats the meaning of performance limit - power? Ive just recently check again Hwinfo and notice that on the GPU side (GTX 1080ti) it says performance limit - power YES on both the maximum and average. Does this mean that my PSU is already on decline? I think my PSU would be more than enough since I have an Silverstone Strider 850w Gold rated power supply although I bought this from 2011 so it is already quite old. Should I replace it ASAP?


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This question has been answered on this forum a few times, but I will do again..
That performance limit just means the GPU has exceeded its own power limit (TDP) and hence it reduced its performance to remain within the limit.
It's absolutely normal, means nothing wrong and is not related to the PSU anyhow. So don't worry about this.