Performance Limit - Thermal 2080 Ti



hwinfo says the gpu is in its thermal limit (even at average). however, a few rows above you can see that max temp was 74 degrees, that's 14 degrees away from the gpu temp limit. I'm not sure if this is a bug or what may cause this. Should this be moved to bug report or do you have any tips?


edit: attached screenshot


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This is what the GPU/driver reports, so it's unlikely a HWiNFO bug. Can you check with GPU-Z if it confirms the same?
This happened only once so far, i can not repuduce it reliable. I've used hwinfo and msi afterburner to overclock my gpu and monitor my system without problems. Now im finished and only use hwinfo to monitor my system. Yesterday was the first time that the thermal limit was reported falsely. I don't see and option to monitor temperatures or thermal limits with cpu-z, is there an option for this? i will use msi afterburner until i know how to utilise cpu-z, but i don't know if this error appears anytime soon again.