Periodic Polling and Windows 10 (1803)


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I recently put together a new PC earlier this week and everything seemed stable but in the last two days, I've been experiencing moments where Windows will become unresponsive.

Mouse and keyboard will still function, I can still do some minor things, like clicking, scrolling, but unable to actually launch or close windows or interact properly with UI in general. Audio and video for media are okay to a point but will eventually stall until everything suddenly resumes. The clock is still progressing normally and I notice no issues for CPU or Disk usage. HWInfo still shows me sensor data while Windows stalls (at least until I try to minimize the window then it just becomes not responsive).

This will last roughly 5 mins each time. It's almost guaranteed right after I log in to desktop and then randomly thereafter. What's odd is that I had no issues for the first two days, I ran benchmarks, installed applications, etc - no stalling at all and then suddenly stalling two days ago.

I noticed that a few months ago, some people had similar issues (including AIDA64 which determined a timer collision issue with Windows 10 build 1803).

My question is whether that issue has been fixed and that periodic polling is not the cause of my issues - it was enabled originally with no issues.

If periodic polling is still an issue, is there any other way to monitor CPU clock speed safely?


AMD TR2 2950x (PBO)
ASRock X399M Taichi
64GB RAM Corsair LPX 2666Mhz (4x16GB)
2x 2TB Samsung 970 EVO (NVME)
Asus 1080 Ti FE
Corsair AX860i PSU
Windows 10 Education x64 build 1803

NV Drivers 399.24
AMD Rzyen Master 1.4
Rainmeter 4.2 Final Release - r3111 with usage of
Yes, this issue was recognized soon after Windows 10 1803 release and latest HWiNFO versions automatically disable periodic polling of CPU clock on 1803 to avoid these issues.