Please add new CPU sensor "Max clock", "Max Effective Clock"


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Since CPU's are getting very large amount of cores, I'm getting to the point where I have information overload. Currently on an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X. There are so many core-specific sensors that I have 3 pages of figures just from the CPU alone.

There already exists "Total CPU usage", "Max CPU/Thread Usage" and "Average Effective Clock"

I propose "Max Effective Clock", "Max Clock" and "Average Clock" (for the sensors that report instantaneous clock speed), and Min/Max/Average VID/CPU Ratio, unless there already exists a way to add such "sensors" on my end. I'd just like to consolidate information into something more useful. Thank you.

Also if you need some system reports / debug files, here they are. Some uncommon hardware here is the MSI MEG X570 GODLIKE motherboard, and Intel Optane 905P 1.5TB PCI-E add-in board.


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You can create such sensors yourself by using the Custom user sensors in HWiNFO:
Thanks for the reports.
Ok... This poses a challenge then. The ultimate aim was to clean up the amount of data presented by hiding the bulk of the sensors and presenting a small amount of entries that have more useful data that is derived from the original sensors.

However, once you hide a sensor, it no longer monitors, so any custom sensor that relies on data from a hidden sensor will no longer work.

I was able to create a "Max Effective Clock" entry but as soon as I hid 1 of the data sources, it broke and stuck at the last valid value. Maybe allow monitoring checkbox without it being shown?

Also it doesn't seem possible to put a custom entry underneath an existing category without disabling "Fixed order"... created a registery folder name with the exact same name was the category I wanted to put it under, and it just made a duplicate section at the end of the sensor window with the same name and just the single custom 'sensor'