Possible Bug in HWiNFO64 Main Window Information


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I've seen this displayed in the HWiNFO64 main window for quite a while now, with every Intel board I have, and was never sure if it is a bug or something I don't understand.

In the PCH Features section, compare the RAID Capability entry, with the Drives information in the information tree on the left.


The Z97 chipset supports RAID, and I have two RAID arrays in this PC as shown in the Drives information section.

Not a big problem at all, but I know you want HWiNFO to be perfect, and I do too. :)

Unless I'm missing something...


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You're right - this feature seems to be not properly reported on 8- and 9-series chipsets.
I'm reporting this according to Intel documents, so they must be buggy.
Will check that deeper..
I like the way you have changed the reporting of the SATA drives, RAID volumes, and the RAID support of the Intel PCH chipset, which is related to my first post in this thread. Thanks for that!!

A question for you, since I see something in the Motherboard - Bus - PCH SATA RAID information I've been wondering about for a while.

That is, an entry for Aggressive Link Power Management:, which is reported as Not Capable.

I'm not saying this is a bug, just wondering about it. ASRock Intel chipset boards have had this option in their UEFI/BIOS for years now.

In my experience, enabling this option causes the PC to fail to boot. I always make sure it is disabled.

I'm wondering if this option being reported as Not Capable is simply because I have it disabled.

Or do you know that Aggressive Link Power Management as a feature is not supported on Intel PCH chipsets. The board in the PC I'm looking at now is a Z97 chipset board.

Possibly related to this is Hot Plug, reported as Not Capable, which I have disabled on all the Intel SATA ports. Hot plugging is certainly supported by AHCI and RAID, as you know.

Again just wondering about this. Thanks for any information you can provide!
Reporting of the "Aggressive Link Power Management" feature is correct by HWiNFO.
Yes, I believe in your case it's disabled and so far all reports I have from different 9-series chipsets seem to have this disabled. Other reports with 8-series chipsets have this either enabled or disabled..
Thanks for the information Martin.

On an ASRock Z77 board, if I enabled Aggressive Link Power Management the PC would not boot, so I always had it set to disabled.

On my ASRock Z87 and Z97 boards, this option is disabled by default in the UEFI... but my point here is if the chipset does not support this feature, what is the point of having an option for it in the UEFI?

So I tried enabling Aggressive Link Power Management on my Z87 and Z97 PCs, the result was nothing, no difference, the PC booted fine and runs fine.

I'll check the chipset datasheets about this, but I find it aggravating and sloppy that an option is included in the UEFI for a feature that does not exist in the chipset.
Well, don't ask me that, ask ASRock and its BIOS engineers ;)
I've seen a lot of erratic and weird stuff in BIOSes ;)