Possible HWinfo Issue?


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Im not sure how much of this issue is related to the new HWinfo 7.06 and windows, but I haven't experienced this with earlier version of HWInfo 7.04 and I was on the same windows update 21H1 and the same Nvidia drivers 466.47.
Some times after only expending, then other times expending and then closing any of the sensors info, monitor's screen will freeze for a brief second, will go black for a moment and windows dialog box will report an issue, It happens after some time of system idling, but it does happens on daily bases.
I even reloaded my backup fresh ISO of windows 10 with only up to date updates, no other software, yet, still happens, reverting to previous HWInfo 7.04 fixes the issue.


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Well, it would be good if you'd tell us what the issue/culprit was. This way, other people finding this thread might know what to look for.

Well....I'm astonished, problem came back. I have no clue why this is happening. It happens ONLY when expending sensors.

I Apologize for keep going back and forth I trully thought this went away, but the only thing went away was windows error report msg. the short freezes and black screen still happening:(
Can you please describe what exact operation triggers the issue and what's the windows error message showing?
Hi Martin,

Here is what has been happening till late last night and what has changes since.

Some of the more important sensor tray icons start with windows and thus far is what I have observed.

If I let windows start and I don't open HWinfo Its all good and I don't experience any issue, but If I would to double click on any of the sensor icons in tray to open the program and then try to expend e.g. "Core VIDs" at some point It freezes, for a moment my screen goes black and freezes for a short moment and then I get error reporting warning, although, I should have made that very clear earlier that the warning is not from windows, Its actually from my ESET firewall to permit the error to be sent (sorry)

Here is what has change since late last night. I have "Reset Preferences" in HWiNFO and so far everything is working fine, no issue and I'm trying to reproduce it, but so far so good.

Is it possible that by just resetting preferences the issue got fixed?

I will keep my fingers crossed, although, If anything changes I will report back

Thank you
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This is a very strange issue and the fact that ESET is showing some error is even more strange. I'd have to see what error it shows, whether it's some application error or something else.
This is a very strange issue and the fact that ESET is showing some error is even more strange. I'd have to see what error it shows, whether it's some application error or something else.
The "error reporting" by ESET was HIPS for interactive mode rules and I have quite tight settings so If windows detects some glitch that would need to be report to MS, if you don't have firewall you wouldn't even know this, but since my settings are tight, it prompting for any outgoing connection if its not already in rules.

At first I didn't pay attention where the warning box was coming from I have more on my mind these days then I normally would but once I created the rule, warnings disappeared and the only thing was happening was the glitches and short black screens with freezes while I was expending the sensors and at least for now all that its gone.

I know that when I reported the first time I didn't make clear and that caused confusion.

Anyhow, I don't know If this is coincident, but ever since I have reset the Preferences in HWiNFO this whole issue is gone and I've been trying to reproduce it all day since yesterday, nothing, that's why I asked if perhaps reset could have fixed whatever was causing it.
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