Possible to run _not_ in administrative mode?


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I would like to run the portable version (standard or PAF) on my work laptop to monitor computer while performing hydraulic simulations, but do not have administrative rights on my own PC, so cannot install and cannot use UAC to authorize each instance of running the software. Is it possible to run without elevated privileges? I can submit a formal request to install the software, but it will probably take a month to go through the corporate IT review process...
I'm sorry this is not possible. Administrative rights are required to access the hardware, which is a basic security requirement.
Actually it's possible in two ways.

Easier way is to create task in Task Scheduler with administrative rights to launch the software. Then you just need to run task even without administrative rights and HWiNFO will start without asking for permission. If you are using multiple applications you can even create task to launch all of them at once or you can set trigger to launch everytime you log in, etc.

Harder way is to separate "system" and "user" part of software to do that. System part will run as Windows service to communicate with hardware using system privileges and user part will communicate with service running without administrative rights then.

Edit: Sorry, I missed you want to run portable version. You have to have administrative rights at least to create the task. If you don't have administrative rights at all then it's impossible.

Thank you for replying promptly. I really didn't consider that what HWiNFO does would require elevated privileges, but that does make sense to me now. My work does not give regular employees any elevated privileges on their computers at all, and I was hoping to find an easy way to use your excellent software to monitor computer performance and thermal conditions during multiphase, slip-flow dynamic pipeline simulation work in a process simulation software called Symmetry. I have used your software for years in a very casual fashion, mostly to display CPU and GPU utilization and temperatures in the notification area in the task bar. Now I am interesting in explories HWiNFO's capabilities for monitoring and logging and reporting more detailed information, as I think it would be informative for the work I'm doing. I'm utilizing an HP zBook 17 G6 with an 8-core/16-thread Xeon E-2286M CPU, 32GB of DDR4 RAM and a 16GB Nvidia Quadro RTX 5000 GPU.

The software developers aren't actually using computers with dedicated GPUs and I'm observing some interesting benefits to the dedicated GPU. Without a dedicated GPU, a typical dynamic simulation can push all 16 threads to nearly 100% utilization, sometimes for hours, if the thermals can be managed. That changes significantly with the dedicated GPU, but thermals still matter a great deal to the clock speed and performance, especially for the sustained runs.

I think I will just have to begin the process of submitting a formal request to our corporate IT department to allow me to install your software on my work laptop.

If I do get approval, in a month or two (no joking about time frame) your suggestion about having IT set up via Task Scheduler might be very helpful in configuring it to allow me to utilize HWiNFO without admin rights once it is installed.

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Dedrick Lund
Chemical Engineer working on Hydraulic Pipeline Simulation in the Oil and Gas Industry