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So i'm running a 3700x cpu with only the auto overclocking enabled in ryzen master for as far as I know. I just saw this in hw info and read the description and well my numbers average a 7.6% power reporting deviation and the description says it should be 100%.
I'm getting random blackscreens on my desktop that lead to still hearing what is happening but I can't see anything. I also had this while streamingh and it also cuts off my stream. After a little bit windows auto restarts so could this be the reason? Or what could be the reason of these random black screens. Sometimes it's like after 10 minutes and other times I can go hours without it happening. Super annoying.

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What’s your GPU?
Better state all your system.

As for power reporting deviation the reported value has a meaning only under 100% CPU load. In any other situation the reading is useless.