Power reporting deviation tied to my freshly built pc restarting randomly?


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Ima try to keep this thread short and being newish to pc’s and this forum I’m in urgent help of what and what could not be causing my random restarts.
So as it stands I’m on a ryzen 5 5600 with a rog strix b550-xe with a rog strix 3080 and a Corsair rm1000x PSU, and 32gb ddr4 3600 ram. Pretty much when I first built it I went in a turned dohc on to get my ram running at there speed and bam computer would randomly restart either downloading a game launching a game or playing or nothing just chilling on my desktop. Next course of action I turned off dohc, now my ram was running at 2666hz and still was restarting the same. I had a much better pc builder and tech person look at my instillation of parts my OS clean install again and went though a whole bunch of diagnoses at the end of the night he was stumped but noticed my motherboards cpu power thing in the top left, the 8 pin connector was in but there was we another 4 pin beside it and it was assumed this was for over clocking but since we assumed it was power issues we plugged in the break away cable and plugged in the 4 pin part too and bam at 2666hz the computer was actually running and able to play games. So I thought. brought it home and bam today same thing started happening I even went to the store and bought new ram thinking it was a compatibility issue and got a for sure QVL tested ram kit and suprsingly it ran worse at base speed and dohc mode on that ram. (It had fancy lights maybe drawing more power adding to some power issue?)D1F67F42-14BB-415F-B8C9-967763843AB9.pngWe came across “power deviation” last night and he doesn’t know much about it and wasn’t sure if this was normal or not so as it stands it seems to be higher numbers with my ram on base speed but it is very low % all the time and I ran cinebench for this screenshot and suprisngly did not restart actually hasn’t restarted doing a cinabench benchmark. I can even play games completely fine for a bit or instantly Restart can even just be opening files, or google or anything really it’s very inconsistent on when my pc decided to Restart itself.

So far we have ruled out
Bad/corrupted OS
Failing GPU

Like I said I’m really knew to this so sorry if what I’m saying is none sense and my random restarts aren’t related to this power deviation thing at all.
I’m also on phone so sorry for horrible grammar.
If you got any ideas on if this is related if this value is bad or normal or maybe what could be causing my computer to randomly restart please let me know. Thanks guys :)