Poweredge Server Fan Speeds


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Can HWiNFO monitor fan speeds on the latest Dell Poweredge T440? They don't show up under Sensors. I have confirmed EC Support is active; it was turned on by default. I noticed that fan speeds are hiding under iDRAC rather than the standard BIOS. Could that be why HWiNFO doesn't see it?

If HWiNFO can't do it, does anyone have an alternative recommendation? I have two objectives. First, I want to log system properties (fan speed, temps, etc.) during burn-in as part of hardware acceptance testing. Second, I want to have somewhere I can monitor fan speed (among other things) for system health monitoring. Standard server monitoring options won't work because I won't have remote access to the server. It will be part of a network that will allow outgoing traffic but not incoming traffic.
Fan speed monitoring is a proprietary matter and this method is kept very secret by DELL.
I have already seen some new machines that seem to implement a new method that is unknown to me yet. Unfortunately I can't do anything here until someone is able to determine how this works.
You might be able to read the sensors via IPMI, which should also be available via HWiNFO.