Problem with Fan Control [maybe bug?]


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I have a Dell XPS 15 9560 that I repasted and undervolted using ThrottleStop. Temperatures are relatively good but the fans might turn while browsing randomly. In order to keep the fans from turning on while browsing/doing light work I am using the fan control options on HWiNFO.

I used Task Scheduler to run HWiNFO on startup, then I used the info on this thread ( to start fan controls automatically when HWiNFO starts.

Everything works amazing, I can restart and HWiNFO will auto-start and be hidden in tray with fan controls on; However, if I close the lid there's a problem. When I reopen the lid, the fans turn on immediately and are at the highest speed. They will stay at the highest speed. If I manually open the fan control window and press set manual to zero, I can turn off the fans and they will stay off (until the temps go up to a point where they should go on again).

If I close the lid without the fan controls on (without the window open) and then open the lid, the fans will stay silent as they should. Is there anyway I can fix this?


These are the settings I'm using:
FYI that's not my screenshot but I copied those settings.