Problem with Logviewer

Hi all, I am new to HW Info and Logviewer.

I wanted to analyse usage and temperature of my CPU and GPU and have set up different monitoring charts for the main sensors on my desktop. That's fine.
Now I wanted to analyse them over a longer period and have therefore recorded the sensors. ANd here my problems start:
1) is my understanding correct, that all sensors are always recorded, or do I have to select them first?
2) I have loaded the recorded file into the Logviewer and I managed to create my own Logviewer template some days ago. But now coming back to it, the sensor settings are gone. And the scale for most sensors is a simple 1-10, or -1/0/1 also for sensors like CPU temp. See picture. How can I change the scale back to temperature?
3) the saved recordings are currently a csv file. Is this correct?

Thanks for your help!



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