PSU monitoring in HWiNFO (supported PSUs and available readings)

In one of earlier discussions regarding power supply information in HWiNFO ( there is mentioned that PSU monitoring is possible only for a few "intelligent" PSUs that have such capability and sensors and provide this information (usually via USB)... is there a list of such power supplies (and supported monitoring readings) available somewhere, please?

According to changelog ( it seems that it is mostly about Corsair AXi/HXi/RMi series, MSI MEG Ai1000P and Ai1300P, GIGABYTE AORUS P1200W, Thermaltake DPS and Enermax Digifanless.

Currently I have Corsair RM750i, RMi series seem to be discontinued, so I am looking for another power supply for new computer (or I will replace it in old computer and use it in new)... and it supports following:

PSU Temperature [°C]
PSU Temperature2 [°C]
+3.3V [V]
+5V [V]
+12V [V]
Input Voltage [V]
+3.3V Current [A]
+5V Current [A]
+12V Current [A]
+3.3V Power [W]
+5V Power [W]
+12V Power [W]
PSU Power (sum) [W]
PSU Power Out [W]
PSU Power In (est) [W]
PSU Efficiency [%]

P.S. ... yes, I know that PSU power information should be taken with a grain of salt...

The list of PSUs supporting such monitoring didn't change and it's still the same as you mentioned above.
They are not totally same, for example only Corsair RMI and MSI support "PSU Efficiency" and RMI/MSI/GIGABYTE support "PSU Power Out".
Also each model can have a different layout of per-rail reporting. Enermax/MSI support split +12V1-5 rails monitoring.